Insider Risk Management

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According to the 2022 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, insider threats and credential-based attacks comprise the majority of security breaches (over 90%) impacting organizations. Insider attacks involve malicious and negligent activity against an organization that originate from people who have been granted legitimate access. The usual suspects are employees with access to an organization’s network, applications, or databases, but can include contractors, vendors, and service providers. The term insider threat is most commonly used to describe illicit or damaging online actions but can refer to a range of events including workplace violence, unauthorized disclosures, theft of intellectual property, economic espionage, and sabotage.

Typically, insiders carry out their plans via abuse of access rights – both physical and online. In its simplest form, employees or contractors may search file shares looking for sensitive information that is not properly secured via system access controls. In the case of a compromised insider (credential theft), the attacker may try what is known as privilege escalation, which is taking advantage of system or application flaws to gain access to resources they do not have permission to access.

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