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Behind almost every cyber attack is someone who fell victim to it. In each case, someone has clicked the wrong link, opened the wrong file or trusted the wrong email. In the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report1, 85% of breaches involved human error.

Despite constantly changing tactics, evolving malware and new forms of deception, people have long been the single most critical variable in cybersecurity. That’s because today’s attacks target people, not just technology.

While your people are your greatest asset, they’re also your biggest security risk—and all too often, your last line of defense. Your Very Attacked PeopleTM (VAPs)—those users facing the highest volume of attacks, the most advanced threats or most sophisticated tactics—aren’t always the people you think they are, and they require special consideration.

For a better understanding of users’ cybersecurity awareness and habits, we used our security awareness data and surveyed users around the world to gauge two key aspects of user vulnerability: what they know and what they do.

This report highlights user awareness and knowledge gaps that, if changed, could have a hugely positive impact on your cybersecurity posture. Based on those insights, we recommend tangible actions you can take to empower your people and build cyber resilience into your workforce.

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