Managing Insider Threats in the Financial Services Sector

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Financial services firms are usually among the first to adopt new cybersecurity tools. But despite that investment, the sector still accounts for almost a quarter of all security breaches. And insiders contribute to more than half of these incidents. As part of their job, workers in this critical sector have access to digital money flow and valuable customer data. This access makes them an inherent risk factor for your business—and lucrative targets for bad actors. Some insiders are malicious. Many are just careless. And others are compromised by outside attackers who gain access to sensitive data, systems and resources. It’s no wonder that insider threats are such a challenging threat vector. This e-book looks at insider threat management from the perspective of the financial services industry. Drawing from real-life examples in insurance, banking and wealth management, it discusses the challenges of managing these threats. And it shows how Proofpoint can help you identify, investigate and respond to insider incidents quickly and efficiently. 


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