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It may seem a bit odd, almost contradictory, for Kaseya to feature an About Us section when everything we do is really about you, not us in the least. Granted, without our IT automation software, your success might not be quite so certain or come so easily, but Kaseya can only take part of the credit. By being a visionary and leveraging the prodigious power of our software, it's really you who's the hero. We simply provide a revolutionary means to the end. Using Kaseya software to automatically monitor, manage and maintain IT infrastructures anywhere in the world, IT managers and service providers have never looked so smart. What's even more impressive is that you can perform all of these tasks - and so many more - remotely and securely, from one computer through the Internet. Wow, is right. Kaseya software liberates you to become more productive, less burdened, and immensely more profitable. Kaseya is all about helping you, which pleases us tremendously.